Our History

How Wolfe Industrial Auctions Began...

Charles Ruby (aka Randy Ruby) bought Wolfe Industrial Auctions, established in 1976, from Cathy Wolfe, and as a result, the Ruby family has now operated the business for 39 of the 46 years it’s been in existence. 

Caythee was instrumental in helping Randy grow Wolfe Industrial Auctions over the course of 35 years. After the passing of Randy in 2018, she is now doing the same with her son, Joshua, who are now co-owners of Wolfe Auctions.

Joshua has been in the family business and has owned horses all of his life so it was a natural transition for him to utilize his 22 years of experience and join forces with his mother to continue their family legacy.

How Wolfe Agricultural Auctions Began...

In August of 2020, while seeking a new site for industrial auctions, Joshua started his talks with the Eyler family to lease their facility as Wolfe Auctions loved its location in Central Maryland. Wolfe Auctions immediately took over the already existing horse auctions at The Eyler’s Stables which made the entire team here at Wolfe Auctions fall in love with horses. Long story short, this is how Wolfe Agricultural Auctions was born. 

How Eyler Stables Began...

The owner of Eyler Stables, Harry Eyler, began in 1933 selling horses and livestock.  At that time, draft and workhorses were a necessity on a farm.  Harry would go out to Billings, Montana and buy loads of horses that would be shipped back to Thurmont on rail cars to the local train station.


In the mid-1930’s Harry allowed his daughter-in-law, Ruth, to have auctions for riding horses at the stables.  Ruth would travel down through Virginia, the Carolinas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and many other southern states buying loads of quality riding horses and shipping them back to be sold at the horse auction.

Wolfe Auctions Now...

Today, Caythee and Joshua are always looking to expand their reach to better serve both buyers and sellers. They’re working hard to sustain a fair and friendly environment where sellers and buyers are paired to achieve fair market value no matter what product or inventory is being sold. 


Wolfe Auctions isn’t limited in any of its ability to market and sell any inventory. We have sold 100’s of millions of dollars in inventory, specializing in commercial fleets, and have sold a variety real estate, classic cars, horses, livestock and exotics, as well.

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